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Geochemical Evaluations

Many sites have monitoring programs that include metals as target analytes or constituents of concern, although they may not be site-related contaminants and their detected concentrations may be natural.  At other sites, active remediation of organic contaminants in groundwater results in changes to local geochemical conditions that may affect metal concentrations.  

By providing extremely accurate and reliable consulting and interpretation services, The Carel Corporation is recognized as a leader in geochemical evaluations of groundwater.  We have conducted numerous geochemical evaluations at monitored facilities and have assisted numerous clients in determining when monitored metals reflect natural or background conditions.  These determinations have saved our clients millions of dollars by preventing additional investigations and/or needless remediation activities.  At times these determinations have resulted in constituents being removed from the analytical program.

Projects - Piper Diagram Monitor Well and Leachate
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