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Geochemical Evaluation - Oklahoma

The Carel Corporation was retained to evaluate the groundwater monitoring system at a waste disposal facility located in Central Oklahoma. The system was originally designed and installed by others in the early 1990s and involved clustered monitoring wells to monitor various shallow, intermediate and deep saturated zones.

The Carel Corporation gathered additional site-specific geologic information from various sources and combined it into a series of geologic correlations to better delineate the hydrostratigraphic groundwater distribution. Information used included boring logs, geophysical logs (gamma and resistivity), geochemical data (stiff plots), monitor well construction information and groundwater level measurements. The combination and consideration of all the available information allowed for the identification of a continuous water bearing stratum underlying the facility that conforms to the applicable regulations.

Numerous monitor wells were approved to be decommissioned as they were determined to monitor discontinuous perched zones. The revised groundwater monitoring system is technically superior and is monitored at a significant savings to the client, as opposed to the former system.

STIFF Diagrams


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