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Environmental Monitoring - Louisiana

For the past ten years, The Carel Corporation has provided environmental monitoring services to an 80-acre hazardous waste disposal facility that began operation in the 1960's.  Three primary water-bearing zones are monitored at the facility.  Prior to a recent permit modification, the groundwater monitoring network involved over 100 wells.  Three groundwater monitoring programs exist for the facility; a Compliance Monitoring Program (CMP), a Corrective Action Program (CAP) and a Piezometric Levels Program (PLP).  The CMP and CAP were instituted when hazardous constituents were detected in groundwater and work in conjunction to determine and/or ensure that regulated units are in compliance.  The PLP provides information on groundwater gradients, flow directions and flow rates.

Numerous wells are significantly impacted by organic contaminants.  Hence, stringent sampling sequences were developed as well as other quality control procedures in order to prevent cross contamination during field activities.  Routine field activities included quarterly purging and sampling of monitor wells, water level measurements for wells and piezometers, monitor well total depth measurements, and non-aqueous phase liquid surveys.  Routine reporting procedures included potentiometric mapping, mapping of contaminant migration rates, and statistical analysis of groundwater data.

Recovery Well Recovered Volumes

Environmental Monitoring Projects - Recovery Well Recovered Volumes

Groundwater Surface Contour Map

Environmental Monitoring Projects - Groundwater Surface Contour Map

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