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Permitting - Texas

The Carel Corporation was chosen, after an interview process, from a field of four other national and local consulting firms to design and permit a groundwater monitoring system for a municipal solid waste landfill located in West Texas. The Carel Corporation’s design was one of the first in the State of Texas to be approved under the State’s new Solid Waste Regulations. The innovative design required far fewer monitor wells than originally anticipated by the client.

The process involved a permit modification with public notice. After the modification was approved by the TCEQ, The Carel Corporation was retained to direct the installation of the new monitor wells required. The drilling technique used involved air rotary with advancement of outer protective casing during drilling operations due to the depth (400’) and geologic strata. The drilling technique allowed us to perform detailed logging of the geologic strata and provided for thorough observation of water content during drilling. The detailed logging in turn allowed us to construct the wells so that the screen, filter pack, and annular seal were at optimal locations within the saturated zone. The end result was an efficiently designed monitoring network and skillfully constructed monitoring wells that provide low turbidity groundwater samples.

Proposed Monitoring Network

Permitting Projects - Proposed Monitoring Network

Drilling of Well

Permitting Projects - Drilling of Well

 Monitoring Well Log

Permitting Projects - Monitoring Well Log

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