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Environmental Assessments


A Phase I ESA is the industry standard in environmental due diligence.  A proper Phase I ESA complies with both ASTM and EPA’s All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) regulations...

Services - Environmental Assessments

Environmental Audits

Environmental Audits are performed by our consultants using ARS Environmental ReviewsTM These reviews focus on opportunity areas to improve environmental regulatory compliance and are targeted at training location management on how to effectively manage their environmental programs.

Services - Environmental Audits

Environmental Compliance


Environmental Compliance encompasses issues such as auditing, regulations, permits, executive orders, and policies applicable to State and Federal Facilities.  Through our wide-ranging projects, we have developed considerable expertise in numerous environmental regulations that often differ State by State...  

Services - Environmental Compliance

Environmental Monitoring Services


Environmental Monitoring is performed to determine if the processes in place to control environmental conditions are functioning properly.  The Carel Corporation can provide multiple levels of support for your environmental monitoring programs...   

Services - Environmental Monitoring

Expert Testimony


The Carel Corporation has been relied on for our expert opinions on environmental monitoring data soil and groundwater contamination, remediation and hydrogeologic interpretations...  

Services - Expert Testimony Scales 

Geochemical Evaluations


Many sites have monitoring programs that include metals as target analytes or constituents of concern, although they may not be site-related contaminants and their detected concentrations may be natural...    

Services - Geochemical Evaluations STIFF Diagram

Permitting Services


Permitting takes time and careful planning. So, before you draw any plans, drill any holes, or build any structures, you’ll want to call The Carel Corporation... 

Services - Permitting

Remediation Services


Remediation is the action to remedy or correct damage to the environment.  The Carel Corporation provides specialized groundwater assessment and remediation services using technology-based strategies to meet our clients’ goals for management of groundwater contaminants...  

Services - Remediation

Site Characterization


Characterization of contaminated sites has become an increasingly complex process as a result of recent developments in methods for observing the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of the subsurface and methods for remediation of soil and ground water...

Services - Site Characterization

Spill Prevention

Spill Prevention



Statistical Analysis

The purpose of groundwater monitoring (detection monitoring) is to detect the release of a contaminant from a waste disposal facility.  Using the appropriate statistical procedure is essential in the evaluation of a facility’s groundwater quality data... 

Services - Statistical Analysis

Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management



Quick Cover Alternate Daily Cover

Space Savers Alternate Daily Cover (ADC) Specialists work hard to keep waste contained and comply with environmental regulations while saving valuable airspace.  Take some time to review our site and see how our Quick Cover ADC can benefit your site.

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