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Statistical Analysis


The purpose of groundwater monitoring (detection monitoring) is to detect the release of a contaminant from a waste disposal facility.  Using the appropriate statistical procedure is essential in the evaluation of a facility’s groundwater quality data. 

The Carel Corporation is an industry leader in statistical analysis of environmental data.  We provide statistical analysis services to more than 60 waste disposal facilities in multiple states across the country.  Our clients include numerous municipal solid waste landfills, several hazardous waste facilities, industrial disposal facilities and construction/demolition waste facilities.  Most notable, our statistical professionals are educated and experienced in other sciences such as geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, etc.  This permits us to better understand the potential natural changes to groundwater quality that may affect the statistical results.

The Carel Corporation is proficient in a variety of specialized software tools such as:

  • Sanitas™, a state-of-the-art software package offering automated comprehensive statistical analysis for RCRA Subtitle C and D facilities.
  • Dumpstat® - a program for the statistical analysis of groundwater monitoring data using methods described in Statistical Methods for Groundwater Monitoring by Dr. Robert D. Gibbons.
  • WQStatPlus™ - software designed to provide statistical solutions for various types of environmental media (e.g. surface water, ground water, etc.).
  • gINT® - the industry's most popular geoenvironmental and geotechnical software for fully customizable borehole/boring and well logs, fence diagrams, geotechnical testing and other professional engineering reports.
  • Log Plot® - used to display their geotechnical, environmental, geophysical, mud/gas, and mining data as a graphic boring log.
  • Aqtesolv®software for the design and analysis of aquifer tests in confined, unconfined, leaky and fractured aquifers.  
  • Hydrochem® – a software program for water quality data analysis, plotting and reporting.
  • Surfer® A powerful contouring, gridding, and surface mapping package for scientists and engineers.
  • AutoCAD® - the industry leader in 3D CAD design, drafting, modeling, architectural drawing, and engineering software.
  • Adobe Illustrator® - a comprehensive vector graphics program with transparency in gradients and multiple artboards that allows users to more efficient ways to design and illustrate.
Statistical Analysis Control Chart


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